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Tailor-Made Systems: Efficienta Australia can provide a range of modular panels, from which a tailor-made system can be assembled...
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Standard Solutions:
Our Efficienta solutions include personal year planners, standard boards & multifunctional, modular system...
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Efficiënta products offer the big picture of every plan size, presenting unlimited applications for your business requirements...
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Visual Planning Systems
The perfect companion for your computer.
Efficienta is a manually operated visual planning board – with some BIG differences.

Most people think that planning boards became obsolete with the advent of the computer but EFFICIENTA remains a very fast and efficient method of displaying and updating your computer.

Updating your computer?
Efficienta uses a special panel with “lock in” magnetic signals which are much faster to use that a keyboard or a mouse.

You can not only visualize the data on your computer but you can quickly change it as your situation changes. Because Efficienta is so easy to change you can always keep your visual planning system up to date and enter the changes into your computer at your leisure.

Why Efficienta?
Efficienta provides a large, visually dynamic display of your plan
It is fast & simple to change and is easier to update than your computer
Your plan is visible to everyone near the planning board
Simple, using only two basic signal elements – a text-plate & signal rod
It is compact – line spacing is about half that of a standard ruled sheet
It is modular and “infinitely” expandable both vertically and horizontally
Almost any type of plan, schedule or diagram can be produced

Make your business more efficient?
Planning is an expense item.
Efficienta Visual Planning is a way to minimize your planning time and effort.

We can show you how to integrate Efficienta with your office, project or manufacturing systems.

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