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Tailor-Made Systems: Efficienta Australia can provide a range of modular panels, from which a tailor-made system can be assembled...
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Standard Solutions:
Our Efficienta solutions include personal year planners, standard boards & multifunctional, modular system that comes complete with magnetic strips and all necessary accessories in a colourful box...
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EfficiŽnta products offer the big picture of every plan, large or small, complicated or simple, presenting unlimited applications for your personal or business requirements...
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 About Us

Efficienta Australia is the South Pacific Area Distributor for Efficienta, Holland.

Our company is always available to supply any of the Efficienta products and offers a planning service to assist you with your business.

Efficienta Visual Planning commenced business in 1954 and developed a worldwide market for its products. Whilst the company is always searching for ways to improve its products the basic concept has changed little since its inception. The reason for this is that it is simple. It is not easy to make a simple product that is so capable of doing very complex things. Yet Efficienta achieved this, with the result its worldwide sales expanded dramatically for many years.

Efficienta Australia has provided products to almost every major government department, to manufacturers of all types both large and small, for builders and project managers, personnel planning and many other companies and individuals.

About Our Products
Efficienta planning displays consist of robust interlocking modular panels mounted onto a set of wall rails enabling a planning system of any format and size to be assembled. You have the possibility to assemble your own planning display board from the various components, completely suited to your particular requirements.

All EfficiŽnta products are magnetic and have a unique line profile for maximum flexibility and an optimal overview. The product range includes both 'standard solutions' and an extensive program of modular panels, from which a tailor-made system can be assembled for every company, situation and application.

The benefits of being able to visualize a 'Big Picture' or overview of a planning schedule constantly displaying the current and projected stages in an easily updated format is essential to the modern manager.

Efficienta is a particularly good companion to the computer enabling you to see at a glance a high impact visualization of your data.

This total overview is missing from the P.C. screen, and resorting to scrolling or instantly out of date print outs does not supply this elusive, ĎBig PictureĎ vital when viewing the consequences to any alterations in plan.

Efficienta Australia are the exclusive direct distributors of Efficienta Visual Planning equipment in the South Pacific.

EfficiŽnta Visual Planning in Krimpen, has specialized in the production of magnetic systems for visual planning display since 1954. The company is part of the EfficiŽnta Holding, which also contains an offset printing company and a coating company.

Efficienta Australia has represented the Efficienta Visual Planning systems in Australia since 1978. Over that period our representatives have provided planning advice to a diverse range of businesses, industries and government organizations.

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